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It’s your time to make magic: Just imagine.



We are in an evolutionary time of infinite mastery and creative consciousness. There’s never been a better time to access and harness your dreams, daydreams and fantasies; the idea is to solidify and root them with courage and pure intention.

Intention: the pathway to purpose, allowing your subconscious to guide your consciousness. 

A simple formula: Intuition = Knowing. 

With that knowing, there’s a risk of investing in that which people will see from your heart; know that absent expectation of self will create miracles and the heavens will give you the nod.

When it’s in the stars, you have unobstructed access; all that’s needed is the will to do the divine work. 

You are layer upon layer of beaming golden stars; the ultimate creator of our collective evolution.

This week, learn about the 4th Chakra, aka "The Heart Chakra" by visiting The Soul Life Collective page here.

To Stand Tall.


Ku Kanaka: In Hawaiian the meaning is "to stand tall"it's considered a masculine phrase.

Masculine or feminine aside, it is our duty to pay tribute to self; to co-sponsor and settle into that shape-shifting energy of standing tall. 

That display of bravery, boldness and courage is about holding ourselves in the highest esteem; knowing that profound sense of individuation and what it means to ultimately elevate ourselves and those around us. 

Like a beam of exponential, heart-centered healing energy holding the key to our vibrancy and ascending us to the highest plane. 

To stand firmly with pride and through our fullest expression, is to experience Ku Kanaka.

Read below: The third chakra.

Learn more about our chakra system.                                                  

This week’s feature on the Soul Life Collective page: The Third Chakra of Self-Worth.

Soul Life Collective :: Our energy system.


This is for you: It's about you “being” your most whole...

This week I am continuing our conversation on our energy system, or chakra system.  We’ve already explored our first chakra or root chakra, the foundation for our entire energy field.  In an effort to help you better understand how to delicately balance and manage your life with great ease, please visit my Soul Life Collective + Sacred Offerings page, along with my Coaching page. There, you’ll learn more about the healing and transformative services that I offer.  My wish is that I inspire you to create expansion and life-long manifestation.

Here we go…..

Second Chakra

Color: Bright orange. 

Location: The pelvic region, two inches below the belly button. 

Governs: Reproductive organs, kidneys and adrenal glands. 

Represents: Creativity. Passion, desire, self-expression for life: Through business, work, home, intimate relationships and joy. It’s all about the creation of living an abundant life that inspires and allows you to radiate happiness. 

Function:  To draw up creative energy, passion, desire and joy in support of our energetic system. 

If Imbalanced: Feelings of being creatively stifled, stagnant or numb: An overall lack of happiness and inspiration in life.    

Antidote: Allow for fun, freedom, creative expression and joy. Take art based classes that foster your creative spirit such as writing, dance and music. Reinforce and nurture intimate relationships that you are passionate about.  Live from a place of abundance and self expression in all that you do.

Mantra: Recite + Repeat - (right hand on your low abdomen, left hand on your heart). I am inspired, passionate and full of joy; my relationships, work and life honor and reflect my creative spirit.

one simple act: love.


“Love is the frequency of heaven.” ~ Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim.

aloha: The literal meaning is presence of breath or breath of life.      

More than a greeting, farewell or salutation - it’s about living in harmony through body, mind and soul.

It’s the meeting of mind and heart, honoring the presence of life force. The spirit of aloha permeates all life forms and correlates to all areas of our daily existence. 

According to ancient teachings by kahunas (or priests), it’s a way of holding life with deep reverence.  The act of living aloha is about caring for ourselves first then radiating that light to others. It is indeed the light we come from that requires our engagement.

Consider aloha as a verb.  You do not have to be Hawaiian to express what it is we were simply born to do; to live in service to self as well as mankind.

be a conduit of aloha: live heaven on earth.


Next week: Discover the second sacred chakra!

Chakra 101 + Soul Life Collective


“And all the knowledge is ourselves to know.” ~ Alexander Pope, Essay On Man.

For many of you who are practitioners of or receive forms of energy work, participate in yoga practice, meditation, or prayer, you may already have a working knowledge of the chakras and their influence on our state of wellness. 

Simply Stated: Chakras are receivers and transmitters of energy. 

Our chakra system is meant to keep us in alignment but when imbalanced, albeit emotional discord, unhealed old wounds, or feelings of unworthiness, these “symptoms” inexplicably cause us to languish from living whole, healthy, expansive lives. 

The role of meditation is one tool that is a crucial key to instate a sense of good health and healing while balancing our subtle energies. Another excellent modality and one I provide is Reiki Energy Therapy. The short of it: silence and solitude is necessary to keep us in attunement and help manage fluctuations of our precious spiritual beings. Over the course of the next month or so I will be discussing chakras and integrating meditation for healing and balance. 

As a visual aid, I’ve included the chakra chart below. To some, it may appear overly simplistic from a visual perspective, but as we get into the complex chakra system, we’ll explore the seven core chakras and how they impact us physically and spiritually; how their functionality radiates as a collective.


I’ve also added a page to my site called Soul Life Collective” that you can access via the badge on the right side bar of my website (or here). I invite you to check in periodically for information and upcoming special events that you may find nourishing.  My wish is that this page will offer insight and create awareness, while offering you solutions for healing and wholeness.  By expanding you above and beyond what I share on my weekly blog, my wish is that you have a clear, streamlined understanding of their functionality and how it relates to all realms of your life. 

Let’s begin.

Each chakra governs the physiological and psychological aspects of its placement and is directly correlated to our emotional, physical and spiritual well being. In order to function in synchronicity and flow, each cone shaped chakra must be spinning in a circular, clock-wise fashion. Simply put: when a chakra is deficient it’s, in essence, immobilized. If in excess of energy or overcompensation, it will spin more broadly or even backwards.

First Chakra: “aka” Root Chakra: 

Color: Bright red. 

Location: Base of spine. 

Governs: Tip of your toes to your hips; bones, muscles and tendons, including the colon. 

Represents: Connection to family of origin. Safety and security on a primal level; the basic need of being loved and nurtured. 

Function: To pull up earth energy. 

If Imbalanced: Fear, feelings of not being “rooted”, “tethered” or “grounded”. This chakra is the foundation of our entire energetic system.  

Antidote: Spend time in nature, with family or create, nurture and strengthen familial type friendships. Join a collective that fosters and supports your spiritual growth such as yoga class, a faith based community or a writing group. Spend time journaling and in reflection to help reconcile your past and absorb the root concept that you are a significant being.

Soul life sessions + living your dharma.


It’s the time of the butterfly; you are coded for destiny…..

You possess the sage wisdom to activate the “I am” of who you are.  Restructuring our spiritual lives and evolving to our utmost human capacity, will shift us forward to our essential selves. This act begins with the knowing, the longing and our capacity for more. Actualize your deeper purpose by avoiding serial monotony and playing small; live larger than life, by responding to your soulful yearnings. 

We are an expression of our past and our future; we have a responsibility not only to ourselves, but to our ancestors and descendants alike. 

Be open to the limitless field of possibility, symbolic wisdom and capacity for more of what life holds for you.  Like Joseph Campbell, an architect in his own mind and a proponent for creating a joyful existence, aim for highly sustained creativity – the gateway to joy.

You are the calligraphy of Spirit + Source: That of Body, Mind + Heart              

Coaches Rx: read and repeat the following -

Mantra: “I’m synergy + pure energy. Enlightenment runs through my veins. I know who I am. I know where I’m going.  I am rife with possibility and have the power to move mountains.” 

This is your time to riff on life…..

Next Week: Chakra 101- Our Transmitters + Receivers.

Surrender Yourself To Nature ::


Where grounding and certainty is required: go inward to nature.

Turtle Bay North Shore, Oahu

Settling into nature’s lush elements and soul-kissed energy creates a balancing shift and spiritual restructuring on a cellular level.

Air: rejuvenating and energizing.                                                                        

Earth: rooting and grounding.                                        

Water: clarifying, purifying and healing.

Superior wisdom and attunement of the senses; nature’s elemental wisdom invokes spiritual growth and mental clarity. Nature’s ability encourages a state of the art, heart-centered wholeness to simply, be.


I am to simply be.  ~ Tara Correll

I carried my heart to the forest                                         

Submerged in dark soil.                                                              

Worry and doubt burrow to intoxicating earth                      

Sedating me to slumber                                                                   

Enveloped in sweet, peaceful dreams                                                                   

In mind’s eye, serenity lays beside me. 

Mesmerized, weightless                                                                 

Surrender to liquid ocean                                                             

Washed clean and renewed                                                              

Casting my net, cradled by tide pools.                                  

Rolling waves abound                                                             

They chant; “I am life force".

Yoga: Inner Strength + Inner Stillness.


It wasn’t so long ago I remember taking my first Hatha yoga class.  It was the 1990’s, I recall thinking, “what is this”? What possibly will I gain from this passive movement, silence and om’ing

It took five years to really understand. I remember the day that I “got” yoga.

I had just returned from visiting my brother who was then incarcerated in Florence, Arizona.  It had been a week; a revolving door of barbwire, concrete and 112 degree heat. I was grateful for our five hour-a-day visits, my roll of quarters for the vending machine “cuisine” and the Casa Grande ruins where I’d stop and sit in stillness, listening to the sound of flutes reverberate through the canyons.  I recall the day of not being in such a state of gratitude for a female prison guard, who announced that I had to find more “acceptable attire”, or I wouldn’t be allowed visitation.  Not allowed, really? To me, those were some fightin’ words. The skirt I wore almost down to my ankles, by the way, was super cute.  I’m certain that my response of not really liking her hair and make-up or her attitude didn’t help solidify any future “red carpet” treatment. But I didn’t care; I drove like hell to Walmart like it was my best friend. I found something highly flammable, yet fashionable that met prison guidelines, not to mention enjoyed the exchange with a cheerful Walmart greeter, who really lifted my spirits. ;)

Back to yoga.

That day back on the mat, I was at a breaking point.  After one week of “stuffing” my emotions and pat downs, I was glad to be back to the unfamiliarity of my “practice”, whatever that was. Lying there in cobbler’s pose after a few rounds of hip openers, it happened; tears came flooding like the Hoover Dam.  That day, I finally got yoga.

Yoga saved me. It kept me from breaking in a place that wasn’t deserving of bearing witness to me or anyone else in a fragile or vulnerable state. It enabled me to sit for hours and days on end and delay the inevitable of once again, leaving my brother behind. Yoga gave me the ability to return to and re-enter my so called “normal” life with family and friends. I was ultimately bolstered into becoming more neutral and composed, so not to fall apart at times when I had to render strength and support for my loved ones. Yoga helped me sustain value and honor for myself and for my family while in a space where dignity is a ghost.  


Interested in exploring yoga?  I recommend the following:

Yogalife - I've been a student there for over 10 years.

Deirdre Wilcox: The Happy Yogi - Amazing instructor, offers phenomenal body work. Available for workshops and on location.

Life Amongst Chaos :: Harnessing Soul Flow


“Wisdom derived through pain is not as much about the experience itself, but rather the capacity in which we allow ourselves to grieve, grow through the event and funnel out the other side untarnished.” ~ Tara

As of late, there are so many feeling lost, uncertain, or alone. We’ve all been there. One thing’s most certain - this all shall pass, it's about finding your way through.

Chaos without clarity allows for no wiggle room or exit strategy. You may not have a friggin’ clue as to where you’ll land, but land you will. Personal evolution is our temporary access point, that window of opportunity for soul flow.

Key words: Surrender : Relinquish : Release : Embrace :  Ascend : Evolve : Faith

  : Think Divine Detachment + Discernment.

Individuate: This is about your life’s lessons. As painful as they are we have the opportunity for expansion – that in itself alone, is a gift.

Compassionate disengagement creates miracles; it ultimately offers us guardianship of our sacred space, the space residing deep within us that is ours alone. There’s an art to creating healthy detachment; it offers us the gift of stepping outside of ourselves, it allows for a non-partisan vantage point. Although life lessons as of late may be muddled in murky, spiritual waters, have faith; the cleansing prepares us for rebirth - the apex of why we’re alive.

the art of unlearning.


There is an upside to the art of unlearning a lifetime of beliefs. 

* Old antiquated ideas gone  

* Tired belief systems clear   

Truth: {Easier said than done} 

The tipping point where the pendulum swings and illuminates what’s not working, forces a metaphoric shedding, if you will. False prophesies fall away, because we’re clear of that which does not serve us. Energetically this act removes the residual sludge that holds you back from living life to its fullest.

A monolithic existence will not stick, because this life was meant to be lived in .

The mechanics of shedding releases imposed ideas, thoughts and concepts that are devoid of meaning and lusterless in value.  

Think Evolution and Soulful Transformation in its highest form:

The Spiritual : Emotional : Intellectual : Physical.

Find your pulse, be your own unsung hero – rewrite your script.

The unlearning, untruths, the concepts that were never created for our supreme self or our greatest good will consciously fall away: With letting go there may be sorrow and a sense of loss; hold on for dear life as this too shall pass. 

Settle into the circle of wholeness.


     Lean into happy endings. 

Reflection: I am and always will be my most whole. I am complete, no matter what. {Read + Repeat}


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