The generous heart :: The art of the compliment.


“I only wish you could see what I see”. Words from a friend.

The artful compliment is stitched, fashioned and intertwined with love and encouragement. It’s a heartfelt gift to the recipient that enables an offering of validation and valuation, at just the right moment.

The ability to love who you are, is the potency needed to extend our hearts openly and to fill someone else’s. 

When we own our capacity to step outside the lines of our fragilities to deliver messages of generous support, it in turn expands, reconstructs and heals our spirit.


Please join me this Sunday from 1-5p.m. for the East West Bookshop Healers’ Fair. No appt. necessary. I’ll be offering Reiki and Spiritual Energy Dynamics(R) sessions. As always, please contact me with questions, for complimentary consultations and for more information.