One thing’s for certain: YOU WILL figure-it-out!


 A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” ~ George Bernard Shaw.

That’s right, mistakes can be useful. “Fail fast”, says Melody Biringer founder of *   The Crave Company   . Melody has built many successful businesses on the concept of “failing fast”. From a business perspective this theory eliminates time lost launching and creating ventures that were never likely to succeed.  The result saves you precious time and money. 

How does this translate to all corners of our lives?

From the way we conceptualize business, to beginning romantic alliances, the pieces sometimes were never meant to fall into place. Our inherent belief system is ingrained and interconnected in the way we approach most everything.


For fear of relinquishing the familiar. When we detach ourselves from familiarity that’s not best serving us, or take the road less travelled, magic will happen. It gives us opportunity to see things with fresh eyes.

Q +A:

* What is familiar and not working in your life that you need to “fail fast” at permanently?

* What’s the lesson you’ve come to realize that’s been repeated time and again that hasn’t served you? How has it improved and have you made peace with it?

This is a time for illuminating areas of our lives that need shedding or total elimination, as if to say “pssst…. hey you, shed baby, shed”!  Go back through your history and connect the dots; think elimination, transformation and regeneration meant to encourage heart-centered expansion.

Repurpose the idea as metaphysical movement; an emotional and spiritual cleanse creating space for you to succeed!

Remember: You are a gift to this world; deserving of living in your fullest expression and in true alignment.

*Check out  The Crave Company . Connecting + promoting gutsy female entrepreneurs and their businesses!

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