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No More.

Sexual assault, harassment and domestic violence continue to be as prevelant as it ever was. These crimes afflict women across cultures and from all walks of life. We dance around the subject, bite our tongues and bide our time to the detriment of our victims. Most cases go unreported for fear of repercussion, social ridicule and personal blame. The shame and stigma associated with these crimes further perpetuate the pain by creating isolation, fear, psychological and emotional unraveling. These women live silently praying and wishing away the pain – this simply shouldn’t be the case; this is not how we were meant to live.

This topic is very personal. I was one of those women. In my teens, I experienced physical and verbal abuse at the hands of someone very close to me and then sexual threats and harassment on a summer job. My boss at the time happened to be a woman - I asked for help, she blew me off. At sixteen I became very adept at trying to protect myself: go to work, endure the comments and degrading sexual innuendos, making sure I was never alone. I’d go home crying, tell my boyfriend and he’d respond with “you must have done something to make him think that he could do that.”  Right.  

While I was learning to value myself and find my voice, I didn't realize I had a celestial "posse" supporting me every step of the way - I still wasn't finished learning (at the valuation part), that is.

In my late twenties, I was a victim of sexual assault by my boss (at the time) and dealt with on-going sexual harassment thereafter.  In both cases I felt as though I had no one to turn to, that it was my fault, that no one would believe me and was fearful of losing my job. Predators are very cunning and easily identify victims who appear isolated, lack a strong network and have low self-esteem. Who knows? In retrospect based on who I am today, I may have harnessed the courage to take appropriate action on my own behalf; I'm certain it never would have happened at all – but that’s not who I was. For that, I take personal responsibility, the regret has finally subsided. It took years to come to grips with the inner turmoil, guilt and work to rebuild what had been physically/emotionally/spiritually stripped away.

  We can do so much more. Parents: Protect your babies. Love who you are, they'll do the same.  

 WWWWhat can you do    

If you have someone close to you who’s been a victim, I urge you to open up dialogue or be an active support in any way possible.

Let's teach our sons to be respectful and to be better men, by modeling the best of ourselves.  

As sisters, mothers, wives and daughters: Let’s truly learn to appreciate and to value who we are both inside and out; to hold ourselves in the highest regard and move through life with the confidence of child. 


It’s our job to protect one another.

The NO MORE campaign is bringing greater national attention on how to finally start the conversation over about sexual assault and domestic violence - so it ends for good. We need strong men with a voice who are not afraid to induce the change that’s needed.       

Meditation: Feminine power is here to stay, that’s non-negotiable. This is about restoration, what was meant to be. We as women will no longer tolerate suppression and subjugation of any kind. We have the inherent ability to nurture and bring change to our earth. Change is coming – are you with us?

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